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Fueled by power and pure passion, M3NACE is bass music’s latest prodigy to step into the scene with a devotion like no other. Born and raised in a small town in Louisiana with a penchant for rap and hip-hop, Dennis Patel took ownership of his drive and creativity through attending Los Angeles’ coveted music school, Icon Collective, turning his dream into a project fed by his insatiable desire to create. His forceful, unforgivable style of bass music compares to the sounds of industry figures like Excision, Wooli, and Kompany, made unique by his potent personal flair.
M3NACE brings his own signature touch to his music not only through professional production prowess, but through his voice, too — M3NACE writes his own lyrics and raps on his tracks, separating him from the pack of up-and-coming producers around him. Expect to feel on top of the world when you step into M3NACE’s realm: hard beats, unique lyricism, and spreading your love to the world is the name of his game. In 2020, M3NACE unleashed his debut DANGER ZONE EP which represents his unrelenting trademark sound. Some highlights throughout his career include his original tracks “KNOW MY NAME”, “SUPER SAIYAN”, “SINGULARITY” with DaWave, and “DETONATE” with FREEWILL — additionally, M3NACE has made a lot of noise with powerhouse remixes: Slander and Excision’s “Your Fault” and Excision and Dion Timmer’s “Time Stood Still” offering a fresh take on both iconic tunes. In 2022, he has unleashed a monstrous tune “GET LOUD” , which was supported by Illenium, that is guaranteed to bash in the speakers. His latest release, “FLOW,” showcases his unwavering dedication to crafting unique soundscapes, showcasing cinematic artistry, and displaying unparalleled versatility. This sets an electrifying tone that is poised to dominate the year ahead.

Beyond his own music, M3NACE delivers DJ sets for those who crave heavy bass. He’s shared the stage with artists such as Kill The Noise, Phaseone, Wooli, Marauda, Valentino Khan, Squnto, Figure, Megalodon, and many more. He’s taken his performance to the next level with DJ sets all around the United States, including festivals like Freaky Deaky, Ubbi Dubbi, Lights All Night, Painted Forest, and camping pre-parties and after-parties for festivals like Freaky Deaky. M3NACE has also made a strong name for himself in the SoundCloud community with his own mixes, including his LAND OF THE LOST VOL. 2 mix in 2020, VOL. 3 in 2021, and VOL. 4 in 2022. He’s a true menace in the studio and behind the decks, delivering his full energy and drive with each endeavor. Transitioning from bedroom producer to Icon Collective graduate with a professional production skill set, M3NACE is ready to take on the world.